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Health Maintenance

Please select your age group for information about the activities you should be doing to maintain optimial health.


Female 21- 40 Years

Well Visit= Once every year

Lipid profile= One screening exam between ages of 20-34, and then every five years after age 35.

Pap Smear = Once every year

Over 30 Pap every three years with a negative HPV test


Female 41-49 Years

Same as above

+ Mammogram = Every other year


Female 50-64 Years

Same as above

+ Digital Rectal Exam = Once every year

    Fecal Occult Blood Testing= Once every year, except when Colonoscopy is done.

    Colonoscopy = Once every five years

    Flu Shot= Every year


Procedure Definitions

Well Visit (Physical Exam) = In addition to a physical exam, this vist may involve discussing habits and lifestyle modification.

Lipid Profile= A test to measure your cholesterol and triglycerides

Pap Smear= During the test, using a small brush the doctor gently scrapes cells from the cervix. The cells are in a specimen container and sent to the lab.

Digital Rectal Exam= Using a gloved finger the doctor feels inside your rectum and colon for abnormalities

Colonoscopy= A scope used to look for abnormalities in your rectum and lower colon. Please ask for a refferal from your doctor.


IUD Contraceptive Options:








TUBAL Ligation